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Collect and Use The Most Rewarding and Exciting NFTs Without Having To Pay Full Price

Rare Gaming NFTs Are Often Too Expensive for You to Buy on Your Own

MyMetaFi allows you to pool money together with others and buy an NFT

What can you do with MyMetaFi?


Collect valuable NFTs


Decide how to use it. For example: lend it, play with it, or build on it


Sell it on any exchange

How it Works

MyMetaFi stores the NFT in a multi-sig wallet governed by the collectors of that particular NFT

MyMetaFi has easy-to-use tools for the collectors to decide how they want to use the NFT. Send the NFT to our partnered utility platforms at the click of a button



Find an NFT you want to buy



Create or join a collective for that NFT



Decide how that NFT is used, ie. lending, licensing, holding


Collect Rewards

Including: rental fees, airdrops, staking yield. Based on how the owners govern the NFT



List that NFT for sale on any marketplace

Note: UI is not Final


Collect With Others

Pool money together with others to buy, use, and sell an NFT

Use Your NFT

Stake, breed, or play with the NFT. Designate a player to enter esport tournaments or climb the leaderboards for rewards

Set Conditions

Set conditions for how to use the NFT from the start. Everyone that joins the collective, agrees to them

Sell on Top Exchanges

Buy and sell the NFT on major exchanges like OpenSea.


Use multi-sig wallets to govern and manage the NFT

Community Discussion

Interact with and meet other collectors on MyMetaFi

Buy Any NFT Genre


MyMetaFi is a platform where you can pool money together with others to buy, use, and sell an NFT.

Our platform allows you to collect any NFT with low minimums. This means you can diversify your NFT portfolio while still gaining the potential upside and benefit of that NFT.

The NFT can be used on various utility platforms for renting (often for playing games), breeding, licensing, staking, or loaning.

Yes, any yield or fees earned from third-party platforms will be distributed to the collectors.

Yes, the multi-sig signers can claim an airdrop to the wallet on behalf of all collectors.

All partnered platforms and marketplaces are whitelisted. If a wallet is trying to make a non-whitelisted transaction, MyMetaFi will not allow it.

Additionally, if a transaction is being made that does not match the terms agreed upon by the collectors, it will not be allowed. For example, if an NFT is trying to be listed for sale at a different price.

Each collective can be thought of as a DAO for a single NFT asset, with a specific plan from the beginning until the end, all governed by the investors.

However, MyMetaFi collectives differ from most DAOs in these ways:

  • An NFT is selected before money is raised
  • A plan is laid out for how the NFT will be used or held until it is sold. The plan can be to hold it for a long time, rent it out, license it, build on it, etc.
  • The sale date and price are set at the beginning as well.
  • The plan can be changed at any time using a standard proposal directly on MyMetaFi.
  • Plan changes require a 51% majority vote.

As a result, collecting on MyMetaFi requires much less involvement than a traditional DAO.

We’ve taken many steps to make governance easier on MyMetaFi.

Voting will be done off-chain and directly on MyMetaFi.

Each NFT will have its own social community feed so that you can easily chat with other investors.
Standard governance proposals will make it easy to propose something in only a few clicks.

Every collector will receive email notifications about open governance proposals.
Anyone can opt-in to text notifications about live votes.

No, purchasing NFTs will be done in the currency the NFT is listed for.

Partially. We consider ourselves web2.5. We have elements of both web2 and web3 companies. By striking a balance between the two, we can release a product with a better user experience than either of them individually.

We charge 5% of each NFT purchase.

Yes, the minimum depends on the currency you are depositing:
ETH = .01 USDC = 20

If a signatory is not active for three voting rounds. They will be replaced automatically by another collector in the collective.

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